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About Us

PeopleWin4Business is a consultancy devoted to providing high quality, commercial and practical Human Resources Management support to SMEs; in particular ambitious, growing businesses keen to identify and address the people-related capabilities needed to achieve their next breakthrough.

Its Founder, David Roberts, has 20 years HR experience across several sectors - knowledge-based professional services as well as manufacturing; large publicly listed organisations as well as a fast growth, high performing SME. With experience of the UK, US and several Asia-Pacific markets, David has a wealth of experience to offer companies looking to strengthen their people management skills.

David has a passion for the role that people play in truly unlocking business potential; thereby achieving sustainable growth, profitability and superior levels of shareholder value.

His core belief is that a business might have innovative offerings, nascent markets, and available funding; but none of these can be optimised without high quality people that are well led, oriented towards clear goals, and motivated to give their very best efforts.

Ultimately, PeopleWin4Business, nothing else.